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1.We provide customization of vehicle accessories and main components, such as body color, modifications, motor power and brand, tire size and brand,etc. 

2.Purchasing raw materials is the first step, mainly including plastic parts, frame steel, motor copper wire, stator, motor cover and other parts. 

3.The second step of core accessories processing and assembly: through the robot welding, bending, assembly, electrophoretic painting to form the final frame, the motor through the automatic winding equipment to complete the winding of the copper wire stator, and finally install the magnetic steel and metal cover, inject the motor anti-corrosion and lubrication liquid oil, the motor assembly is completed. The plastic shell needs to be painted and finally formed into a kit to prepare it for assembly on the production line. 

4.The third step is the assembly of parts, different models are assembled in the production line according to certain templates and standards, hub motor, front wheel, front of the car, fork, shock absorption, brake, controller, wiring harness through the assembly line installation operation is completed, and then installation, lamps, seat barrels, shells and other plastic parts. 

5.In the fourth step, the vehicle is assembled and the off-line inspection stage. The inspector for tires, brakes, shock absorption, knobs, as well as water, load and other load-bearing tests, the vehicle that passes the test enters the next link, which is the warehouse packaging and delivery. According to the model of the car, the certificate of conformity, warranty card, and accessories included with the car are placed inside. 

6.In the fifth step, after the dealer places an order through the enterprise system, the company will generate a delivery note, and the logistics department will carry out unified delivery.



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